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pregnant and no where to go

klight started this conversation

in december i heard about i was living with my brother at the time ( 19 and 18 years old), but because of winter both our hours at our jobs were cut in half. we were making it but barely. so i decided to nievely post my situation on aidpage. a few days later i was contacted by a pastor who never got back to me, and a man named Sean Yanti. he explained his backround and hard life growing up, and he said he had been through what i was going through now, but now God has blessed him and he would like to bless others. he sent me a check for $4000, but i was to take $500 for myself, and wire the rest through western union to another "very needy" person. seeing as he was not asking me to send my money  but his, i thought nothing was wrong, so i did. i cashed the check through my bank and sent the $3500 off. he then told me he was sending another check to help me, but he wanted me to take out a small amount and send the rest. i asked why he didnt send the money himself to her, but he said it was not on his level and he would if he could and he was very sorry. once again i thought ok its his money. before i got the 2nd check, my bank called me telling me it was a fake check and i would have to pay the bank the $4000 back. i told sean this still thinking he was a good man and it was a mistake; he said to cash the second check and use it for my bank. b4 i did though i called the bank the 2nd check was from, for $4000 also, and it was fake. i didnt hear from him again. i know your thinkng how niave and stupid i must be, but i am only 19 years old and didnt know. i thought if he asked me to send my money that was fraud, but it was his. because of this, i have been unable to pay any bills including rent, so i have been evicted out of my home and no place wll rent to me, my car was taken away because i could not make payments,my phone was turned off, and i have been fired from my job because i have been unable to get there. i am pregnant and have no resources, i am unable to get a loan because this really screwed up my credit. this man really messed me up. anyway his name is Sean Yanti, and he has broken english.



so now i have no home, no car, no job, nothing. i am bouncing back and forth between friends houses, but being 5 months pregnant it is not good. i cant get my own place yet because i still owe my old house money due to the fraud. i cant get public assistance until after i have the baby.  i am in major debt and i just keep falling. i am asking for some help -  i am 5 months pregnant and now no one will hire me  becuase of training and then i will have to leave after the baby is born. i can slowly repay what is given, but i just need to get back on my feet, find a place to live for me and the baby and a car.

please email

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woman in a shoe   in reply to JamieSue
Here is some names of places that will pay rent deposit tenant group 575 0700. new krnsington CDC 739 6910. this one here can help rent deposit furniture clothing food community engagement unit 990 spring garden 7th flood 685 3660. food st gabriels parish 532 5057. salvation army 561 0178. now i will look for free baby stuff for u
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woman in a shoe   in reply to LostMama
why are u scared of your mom? at less u got one my mom past in 2000
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LostMama   in reply to woman in a shoe
Ha ha ha Elsie...Im in my 30s and scared of my mom lol.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to JamieSue
Hi if u are 19 how can your mother tell u where to live at 19 u are your own woman. But there is places that will pay your fist mo rent and deposit. i am going to look some help up for u than I will post it to u. Right now at work so give me a little bit to get back to u. I well also look and see if I can fine any places in pa where u can get free baby stuff be back as soon as I can
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JamieSue   in reply to woman in a shoe
I go to welfare. I have foodstamp and insurance . My foodstamp goes to my aunt bc I am using her address. I never got on wic bc I have no where to get there. I live in North philadelphila P.A . People telling me go to a shelter and pregnancy group home but I don't want to at all. I hate struggle ! I just found out I am having a daughter . I am doing this all by my self and only 19 yr old. I move to Philly bc my mom made me to. I don't no nothing at Philly. Everything hard for me bc I am doing everything on my own. Two weeks I have to find somewhere to live again.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to JamieSue
Hi debts u are pregnant GI to welfare and sign up u will get cash food stamps insurance. Also sign up with wic u will get food with them to than when u have the baby that the way u will get the baby formula and other thing wic newborn to 5. Also let me know what city state u live I will look and see if there ants places u can go and get free baby stuff. Also check craiglist under free stuff for baby things. But if y see something call or email right away if u don't it will be gone. Be looking for your post
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brazscee   in reply to JamieSue
Jamie Sue, if you live in the US there is help for pregnant american citizens. You must go through local social services and think before you do anything out of the ordinary. YOu have a difficult life ahead of you and no one is going to make it easy......prayers and @ four months most people will not hire family planning in your area they shelter resources and may you be healthy
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JamieSue   in reply to kierrea
same here. i know how you feel. :(
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I'm 19 years old. pregnant. 4 months. my family not helping me at all. i barely got somewhere to stay .and im looking for a job but no good luck...
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kierrea   in reply to GodBlesstheBabies
Im 19 years old and pregnant with no family and no where to go.
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I am 21 year old and my husband I'd kick me out and I have 2kids please help I hsve no job or money anybody
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GodBlesstheBabies   in reply to itzelygonzalex
I can help you
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Hi i just found out im pregnant and have no where to go im sleepibg in the streets i neef help :(
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kyliemadsen   in reply to belltokens
I know this was 3 years ago. But sex means you were irresponsible, abortion means youre irresponsible AND a cold hearted murderer.
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Nolow   in reply to Charkd
obviously but you're not helping
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Teee   in reply to Yoshi2112
Hello I'm 19 years old with a 7 month baby and no where to go I no where to go can u please help me
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Hello Im 19 Years Old With A 7 month baby and no where to go at all I need help
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Yoshi2112   in reply to birdstar
Hey there..have you found a place to stay yet?
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Yoshi2112   in reply to mislead
Hiya..did you find a place to live? Are you willing to relocate?
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annie46   in reply to birdstar
Hi birdstar, you must be so scared now I am very sorry this is such a difficult time when it should be bringing joy. There is a post on here from Generations that helps mom,s to be, thru difficult times if you wish to post to her she may be able to help I.will be praying for you and your child In Christ annie46
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